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Turn data into useful insights

IoT solutions are an essential driver for increased efficiency and productivity. Hyrde combines different IoT drivers to help you analyze and strengthen your business operations. From design to implementation, our experts ensure you get the most out of our solutions.

Our team
Meet the people behind Hyrde
Gerard van den Houten
Managing Director
Jaap Hulshoff
Laura Klitsie
Program Management
Pieter Slagter
Products & Solutions
Steven Marks
Technical Services
Marco Kranenbroek
Lee Wainman
Global Sales
Paul Elling
Customer Success
Cor van den Houten
Business Development
Arjen Visser
John de Beus
Johan van der Velde
Project Management
Nedeshna Barnard
Project Coordination
Kayla Burger
Customer Service
Shabana Ahmadi
Legal & Finance
Kim Verheij
Consultancy IoT
Sridhar Bollaram
Laurens van der Kooij